Help bot

In Bots.Business chat we have many generic questions. This bot can answer for them.

Bot is Inline bot - it can used for searching in

Also bot use Master command - *.

Code description

Bot receive all messages from chat with Master command.

So we do not need any notifications about new chat members and etc:

if(!message){ return }

Do you have big case for command execution? You can use return.

Bot have keywords for searching in user's messages. Bot show answer and url on keywoard in message:

list = [
   { url: "", keywords: [ 'status' ],
       answer: 'Seems do you need to know uptime status?' },
   { keywords: [ '/start' ], answer: 'Please do not touch it here' },
   { keywords: [ 'php ', ' php' ], answer: 'PHP? Really? I love BJS only' },
   { keywords: [ 'hi!', 'hello' ], answer: 'Hey!' }

Also admin can write anything and do not need any help. So we have key - answerToAdmin:

let admin_tg_id = 519829299;
{ url: "", keywords: [ 'status' ], answerToAdmin: true }

Sometimes we need exact searhing:

{ url: "", keywords: [ 'help' ], exact:true}

Message can be in aNyCAse. We need it only in lowercase:

let stext = message.toLowerCase();

We use functions in the code. So code more simple:

// search keyword in the message (stext)
function haveAnyKeyword(item){
  for(var ind in item.keywords){
    // exact searhing
      // exact searching
      if(stext==item.keywords[ind]){ return true }

    if(stext.indexOf(item.keywords[ind])>-1){ return true }

// build answer
function getAnswerFor(item){
     // no any answer for admin
  let answer = item.answer;
  if(!answer){ answer = "" }

    answer = answer + "\nhttp://" + item.url
  return answer;

// just bust all keywords list 
function doSearch(){
  let item;
  let answer;

  for(var ind in list){
    item = list[ind];
      return getAnswerFor(item);

Functions create your code more simple. It is good for it rewriting and improvement.

Perform searching. And if we get answer - send message:

let answer = doSearch();
  Bot.sendMessage(answer, {is_reply: true});

In this command - we have only one Bot.sendMessage function!

It is good - code more simple.

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