BB Point Bot

BB Point bot helps develop the community. User can echange BB Points to Extra Iterations.

Also it is possible:

  • Accept BB Points 💎 in your bot from users

  • Transfer BB Points 💎 from your bot to users

This functionality is built with WebhookLib. You can do some pretty cool stuff in your bots to share data too.

Accept BB Points in your bot

We can accept BB Points 💎 in any bot now.

See example in @BBWebhookBot

How to make?

See example for /sample3 in @BBWebhookBot

Step 1

Install Webhook Lib in your bot and make webhook url:

// Generate webhook link for BB Point Bot
let url = Libs.Webhooks.getUrlFor({
 command: "onBBPointIncome"

 "Set this url in [@BBPointBot]( " +
 "bot for notification." +
 "\n\nCommand [@BBPointBot > /link]( "

// send url without markup
Api.sendMessage({ text: url });

Step 2

Go to @BBPointBot - /link and paste link from step1

You will get such link for request:

You can change bb point amount in url part: -XXX-points

You can change after part: -to-user-XXX

Transfer BB Points 💎 from your bot to users

Step 1

Generate your personal secret webhook url in @BBPointBot by command: /getTransferUrl

Set Secret (any words or symbols - whatever you want) in @BBPointBot by command: /setTransferSecret

Personal secret webhook url with Secret - is safe information.

You can reset the Secret at any time via command /setTransferSecret

Step 2

In your bot command create new command /makeTransfer:

// Danger! User can run this command
// You need add logic for secure
// if(your logic){ return }

// Just generate webhook url for current user
let webhookUrl = Libs.Webhooks.getUrlFor({
  command: "onTransfer",

Bot.sendMessage("Transfer in progress")

// make transfer request to BB Point bot {
    url: "http://Your Personal secret webhook url from step 1",
    body: {
       // BB Points amount
       amount: 3,
       // transfer BB Points for current user
       to_tg_id: user.telegramid,
       // note for @bbpoints channel
       note: "#testTransfer by " +,
       webhookUrl: webhookUrl,
       secret: "your Secret" // from step 1
} )

This command transfer BB Points without any conditions.

You must add some conditions. You are not going to send BB Points without any reason?

Step 3

In your bot command create new command onTransfer:

var json = JSON.parse(content);

// You can inspect all passed data:
// Bot.inspect(json)

  Bot.sendMessage("Error: " + json.error.title);
  Bot.sendMessage("Code: " + json.error.code);
  // error codes:
  // 1 - You do not have BB Points for transfer

// BB Points transferred to current user
let admin_bb_points = json.owner.bb_points - json.amount;

    "BB Points transferred:\n" +
    json.amount + "💎 BB Points to tg id: " + user.telegramid + 

    "\n\nAdmin: @" + json.owner.username + 
       "\n have now: " + String(admin_bb_points) + "💎 BB Points"

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