Automatic importing on Git push

ou can make automatic bot deploying on git push.

This possible with Webhooks. Make install for this lib.


command /setupGit

var url = Libs.Webhooks.getUrlFor(
   { command: "onGitPush", user_id: }

  text: "Github webhook: " +
     "\n<pre>" + url + "</pre>",
  parse_mode: "html",
  disable_web_page_preview: true


execute /setupGit copy url and go to > your repository -> Settings -> Webhooks. Press button "Add webhook"

Past copied url as Payload URL

Make like this:

Go to App - create command onGitPush

Bot.sendMessage("Start code importing...");

// Bot.exportGit also possible
  branch: "master", // it is master branch
  success: "onGitImportCompleted"

command onGitImportCompleted

just put to answer: "Git import completed"

Commands onGitPush and onGitImportCompletedmust be in repository also. Because all commands will be deleted on git importing

Protect onGitPush command if you need this. Anybody can run it.

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