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Protected bot

Protected bot - it is a bot without access to commands editing and copying.
Protected bots - good thing for selling to customers.
Make protected bots with Admin Panels and sell them
Forbidden for this bot:
  • add new command
  • edit and remove commands
  • view commands
  • change BJS
  • make bot copy (via app and BJS)
  • git exporting (via app and BJS). Git importing is allowed
  • Bot token changes
  • Bot name changes
  • Admin panel: view + changing
  • Properties: view + changing
  • Errors
  • Chats, users
Try to remove all secure data in such bot like:
  • BB Api key
  • Coinpayment api keys
  • etc
Strictly do NOT use such safe data in /setup
It will be avaible in Props Tab!
Also, your secure data can be available in Error Tab. So try don't use safe data in protected bot.

How to create Protected bot?

If you want to sell your bot - just start develop it.
You can install protected bot for another users via BJS
Contact the administrator to start selling this bot.