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Q: What it is "BJS"?

It is Bot JavaScript. It's an ordinary Java with some inserts.

Q: I do not know the JavaScript. What should I do?

Usually do not need something complicated for developing bots. You can read a couple of articles about JS: or

Q: How can I get two answers from one command?

You can use bot answer and Bot.sendMessage("ANY message").

or use two functions: BJS code:

   Bot.sendMessage("ANY message");
   Bot.sendMessage("Other any message");

Q: I have Markdown warning for message in Errors. What it is?

Telegram have markdown for text formating.


\n - new line (multi-line text also allowed)
*bold text*
_ italics _
`inline fixed-width code`
pre-formatted fixed-width code block

So if you have incorrect markdown - you have this warning. Sample text with incorrect markdown:

  price 1*
  "user`s" - wrong. Use "user's"!

Q: How I can use inline keyboard?

Please see demo bot. It avaible in the Store.

BJS code:

var buttons = [
    {title: "Go to Google", url: ""},
    {title: "Call command for Button1", command: "/touch Button1" },
    {title: "Call command for Button2", command: "/touch Button2" }

Bot.sendInlineKeyboard(buttons, "Please make a choice. After that, another command `/touch` will be started with parameters");

buttons - it is array. It contains buttons. Each button is object with title (required), url or command.

Button must have url or command. url - any link.

command - this command will be executed after button pressing. Can contain parameters through a space. Command can not be more then 64 bytes.

Q: How to bot can send reply for users message

You need pass options parameter with is_reply

  Bot.sendMessage("It is reply message", {is_reply: true} );

For any message in chat use: reply_to_message_id

  Bot.sendMessage("It is reply message", {reply_to_message_id: request.message_id } );

Also you can retry with keyboard or inline keyboard too

  // retry for last message
  Bot.sendMessage("It is reply message", {is_reply: true } );
  // or for any message
  Bot.sendMessage("It is reply message", {reply_to_message_id: request.message_id } );

      [ {title: "google", url: "" }, {title: "other command", commnad: "/othercommand"} ],
      "Please make a choice.",
      {reply_to_message_id: request.message_id }

You can retry for any message from chat.

Q: I do not undestand variables: request, user, chat, and etc.

You can see it with inspect function:

  Bot.sendMessage( inspect(request) );
  // or 
  Bot.inspect(request)   // if have issue with markdown

Q: I would like to create bjs for time limit! Example in a bot you can use the command only every 24hrs!

BJS code:

function canRun(){
  var last_run_at = User.getProperty("last_run_at");
  if(!last_run_at){ return true }
  var minutes = ( - last_run_at) /1000/60;
  var minutes_in_day = 24*60
  if(minutes < minutes_in_day){
   Bot.sendMessage("Please return later. ")
  return true;

if(!canRun()){ return }
User.setProperty("last_run_at",, "integer");

// your code here:
// ...

Unfortunately, this is not supported by the Telegram API. But you can send link to chat: answer:


Q: How i can create password access to bot?

You can use a group for commands. Then such commands can be started only by those users who are in this group. You can assign users to a group through BJS with password verification.

Example Bot:





Welcome, member!

In this example, the user must enter the correct password. After that, the group Members is setted and user can execute all commands of this group. If the password is not correct, a error message is displayed.

Bot: answer: password? need_reply: true

BJS code:

  Bot.sendMessage("Welcome, member!");
  Bot.sendMessage("Password incorrect");

Q: Do you know BJS code that bot will automatically message user if they don't do any activity in the bot in a given time?

1. You can store Last Active time for user in bot's property:

command tracking

this is an invisible command for users. It is run from other commands only

BJS code:

      // track only private chats

      total_users = Bot.getProperty("total_users");
      if(!total_users){ total_users = 0 }
      Bot.setProperty("total_users", total_users+1, "integer");

      var propLastActiveName = "user" + String(total_users) + "_last_active_at";
      var propChatIdName =  "chat" + String(i) + "_id";

      Bot.setProperty(propLastActiveName, (new Date), "datetime");
      Bot.setProperty(propChatIdName, chat.chatid, "string");  

2. In others commands you need call tracking command Bjs code:

   // your any code here

Please note. This code is needed in all commands of your bot.

3. Automatically message command. Set auto retry time for it: 24 hours


   total_users = Bot.getProperty("total_users");
   for(var i=0; i<total_users; i++){
      var propLastActiveName = "user" + String(i) + "_last_active_at";
      var last_active_at = Bot.getProperty(propLastActiveName);
      var duration = (new Date) - last_active_at;
      var duration_in_minutes = duration / 1000 / 60
         // not active more than 24 hours
         var propChatIdName = "chat" + String(i) + "_id";
         var chatId = Bot.getProperty(propChatIdName);
         Bot.sendMessageToChatWithId(chatId, "Hello! How are you?");

Q: Is it possible to put some BJS code in our bot that notify user for cryptocurrency price?

You can use CurrencyQuote Lib

Q: Is it posible that bot button can have value? How to create like on the screenshot below:

You must update the keyboard every time the value changes. To do this, send the keyboard with the command. Most likely, this should be done in several commands.


var balance = User.getProperty("balance"); // or your code here
Bot.sendKeyboard(String(balance) + ",\nHelp, Contacts" );

Use ResLib for any resources

Command ⚡Balance:

You need create command "⚡Balance:" (without space) or "⚡" if you have space beetween "⚡" and "Balance"

So after button pressing:

  • text "⚡Balance: X BTC⚡" will be sended to chat

  • command "Balance:" will be executed

  • params "X BTC⚡" will be passed to BJS

Q: How to set the bot which it result to, when one of the telegram group members click the bot command in telegram bot, the message from the bot only seen by the clickers it self & unseen by another members.

Bot can send message to this user in private. So user need to start this bot in private chat in first.

Then on group chat:

Bot.sendMessageToChatWithId(user.telegramid, "BOT ANSWER")

Also it is possible show alert message for user in group chat with answerCallbackQuery after inline button pressing.

Q: How to get location from user?

User must attach his location to chat.

Need command with "Wait for answer" option (or you can use Master command and catch location)


// you can inspect all data
// Bot.inspect(request);

let location = request.location
   Bot.sendMessage("Please send location");

   "Your location is:\n longitude " +
       location.longitude +
       "\n latitude: " +

Q: I have command with wait fo reply. How to cancel Wait for reply?

Example - command /askName have wait for reply. Need to cancel it.

Add keyboard to this command: keyboard "Cancel" (also can be "Back")


// exit on Cancel or Back button
  return // exit

// get name here
name = message;
Bot.sendMessage("Hello, " + name);

Q: How to show alert on Inline button pressing?


  text: "My alert",
  show_alert: true // or false - for alert on top

Q: How to check if a user joins a channel?

Strongly recommended use MembershipChecker Lib for this

Command: /isJoined

chanell = "@MyChanell"

  chat_id: chanell,
  user_id: user.telegramid,
  on_result :"/onCheckJoin"

Command /onCheckJoin

let status = options.result.status;

var isJoined = (
   (status == "member")||
   (status == "administrator")||
   (status == "creator")

   Bot.sendMessage("You are chanell member!");
   Bot.sendMessage("You are NOT chanell member!");

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