Message broadcasting and editing




Send message to current chat. It is simple method with markdown by default.

Bot.sendMessage("Hello from bot")


Send message. It is Telegram Bot Api method. You can pass any params like text, reply_markup, parse_mode and etc: Api.sendMessage({ text: "Hello, <b>World!</b>",

parse_mode: "HTML", }) By default, chat_id accord to the current chat. (chat.chatid)

Do you want broadcast text to all chats?

See Bot.runAll command

Do you want broadcast photo, video and etc?

See Bot.runAll command

Message editing



Bot.editMessage(value, message_id)

Simple method for message editing with value and message_id

Bot.editMessage("new text", 20)


Advanced method for message editing. Please see full description here.

message_id - it is unique identificator for all chats of this bot.

We have several methods for editing:




Api.editMessageLiveLocation and etc. Please see here.

Message_id for income messages to bot

For income messages to bot: use request.message_id


let msg_id = request.message_id;
Bot.editMessage("new text", msg_id);

Message_id - have unique value for all chats of bot. So we have only one message_id with value "2" and only in one chat.

Bot message removing

In this example bot will remove old messages from bot.

in first command:

  text: "Hello!",
  // we going to remove this message after 120 sec
  on_result: "removeMsgAfter 120"

in command removeMsgAfter:

// user can run this command manually
if(!options){ return }
if(!options.result.message_id){ return }

// extract time delay
let runAfter = parseInt(params);

// run message removing after "runAfter" minutes{
  command: "removeMsg",
  options: { message_id: options.result.message_id },
  run_after: runAfter // in seconds

in command removeMsg:

if(!options){ return }

// remove message
  message_id: options.message_id

// also you can edit message here, make message forwarding and etc
// you have message_id here - so you can do anything

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