Conversion is as easy as a few lines of code!

This Lib is deprecated. Use CurrencyQuote Lib

Currency values are refreshed every 60 minutes.


  • Maximum of 100 requests/hr

  • Shared with all users who are acccessing it for free.

  • Downtime when there's a need to restart the server for bug fixes and enhancements

Register in

Get your API key and run in /setup


Example bot @DemoCurrencyConverterBot

Example code

In any command:

let amount = 1;
let onSucces = '/onconvert';
let conversation = 'USD_EUR' // others: USD_BTC, BTC_USD, CNY_BTC and etc...
Libs.CurrencyConverter.convert(conversation, amount, onSucces);

In command '/onconvert':

// result stored in params

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