With lib we can manage any resources in bot.

It is bad practice to use Res for counting. Use simple Integer or Float types for it and setProp!

ResourcesLib is good for using it with growth. If you don't have growth it is possible you don't need use this lib.

Resource can be

  • balance (in USD, BTC or any other)

  • any game resources: gold, woods, stone, etc

  • etc, any float values

User's resource

let res = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("money");
Bot.sendMessage("Cur your money: " + res.value());

Res name is case sensitive. The resources “money”, “Money” and “MONEY” do not match. These are 3 separate resources.

One user can have same chats with bot.

For example: private and group chat.

But anywhere he have simular resources

Chat's resource

let res = Libs.ResourcesLib.chatRes("money");
Bot.sendMessage("Cur your money: " + res.value());

One user can have same chats with bot.

For example: private and group chat.

But he have diffent resources for each chats.

Methots for user's and chat resources

All methods can be for user's or chat's resources.

// get res
let res = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("money"); - current res name. For example:

Libs.ResourcesLib.chatRes("BTC").name // is "BTC"

Basic functions

Current res amount


Set amount for this res


for example: Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("wood").set(10);

Add amount for this res


Res have such amount?

res.have(amount)- if res value equal amount or more return true

Take away amount from resource

res.remove(amount) - if have it res.removeAnyway(amount) - take away amount anyway.

Access to another resources

Access to another user's resources

// telegramid - it is telegram id for another user
let res = Libs.ResourcesLib.anotherUserRes("money", telegramid);
Bot.sendMessage("Cur your money: " + res.value());

Access to another chat's resources

// another chat's resources
// chatid - it is telegram id for another chat
let res = Libs.ResourcesLib.anotherChatRes("money", chatid);
Bot.sendMessage("Cur your money: " + res.value());

Resource transfering

let res = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("gold");
// telegramid - it is telegram id for another user
let anotherRes = Libs.ResourcesLib.anotherUserRes("gold", telegramid);

If have resource...

res.takeFromAnother(anotherRes, amount);
res.transferTo(anotherRes, amount)

...or anyway, even resource is not enough

res.takeFromAnotherAnyway(anotherRes, amount)
res.transferToAnyway(anotherRes, amount)

Can exchange different resources

For example "gold" for "wood":

res.exchangeTo(anotherRes, { remove_amount: 10, add_amount:23 } )

Growth for resource.

Resource can have growth.

For example simple growth:

add 5 every 10 secs to res

let health = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("health");
health.growth.add({value: 5, interval:10 });

Interval - it is value in seconds. Value is added every interval

Add 5 every hour with max value 100.

//Max value: 100
let secs_in_hour = 1 * 60 * 60;
  value: 5,
  interval: secs_in_hour,
  max: 100

Value can be negative. Remove 5 every 30 hours.

//Min value: -20
let secs_in_30hours = 1 * 60 * 60 * 30;
  value: -5,  // just add negative value
  interval: secs_in_30hours,
  min: -20

Can limit max iteration count

   {value: 5,
   interval: secs_in_30hours,
   max_iterations_count: 3

Can growh by percent.

For example add 15% every month for 100 USD

let usd = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("usd");
let secs_in_month = 60 * 60 * 24 * 31;
  value: 15,
  interval: secs_in_month

Can grow by compound interest.

For example add 0.8% every day for 0.5 BTC with reinvest

let btc = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("BTC");
let secs_in_day = 1 * 60 * 60 * 24;
  value: 0.8,
  interval: secs_in_day

You can get initial res value by: res.baseValue()

Other methods for res.growth: - get info for current growth

res.growth.title() - get title. For example "add 5 once at 15 secs"

res.growth.isEnabled() - return true if is enabled

res.growth.stop() - stop growth

res.growth.progress() - current progress for next iteration

res.growth.willCompletedAfter() - will completed iteration after this time in seconds

How to add growth to another resources?

For example we have:

  • bank deposit 100$ with yearly growth 10%

  • and simple wallet - 500$

Every year we add bank growth to wallet.

Init: on /start command (or any other command)

let wallet = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("wallet");

let bankDeposit = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("deposit");
let secs_in_year = 1 * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365;

  value: 10,
  interval: secs_in_year

On /wallet command or etc

We can run this command every 1 year. It is possible for example, with Auto Retry

Or user can run it manually in anytime.

let wallet = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("wallet");
let bankDeposit = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("deposit");

// it is initial res value
let baseValue = bankDeposit.baseValue();

// total income by percent
let delta = bankDeposit.value() - baseValue;

// add all income to wallet
// and remove it from bank deposit

How to

Q: How to give to referrer 5% of referral user deposit?

Please see

Q: How to give a bonus to all users every day?

For example add 10 to user's balance every day

Command /start

let balance = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("balance");
balance.set(0); {
    command: "/addBonus",
    run_after: 1*60*60*24,  // add bonus after 1 day
} )

Command /addBonus

  // user can not run this command manually

let balance = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("balance");

// and repeat this command again after 1 day {
    command: "/addBonus",
    run_after: 1*60*60*24,  // after one day
} )

Bot.sendMessage("Bonus for you: 10")

Command /addBonus will be executed for each user. It spend 1 iteration every day for each user.

For example, for 100 user - it will be 100 iterations per day.

Q: How to make time limit bonus?

Use Cooldown Lib! It is more simple!

For example, user can get bonus once at 5 hours.

Command /bonus

let bonusCooldown = Libs.ResourcesLib.userRes("bonusCooldown");

// cooldown in seconds
let totalCooldown = 60*60*5; // 60*60*5 seconds = 5 hours

function resetCooldown(){

function setupCooldown(){
     // already setupped
    value: -1,  // just add negative value
    interval: 1, // -1 once at 1 sec
    min: 0


if(bonusCooldown.value() > 0){
   Bot.sendMessage("Please wait: " + bonusCooldown.value() + " secs" );
// can give bonus now
resetCooldown(); // need to reset cooldown

Bot.sendMessage("You have bonus now");
// your other code here

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