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TopBoardLib is a lib designed for managing a leader board in a chatbot. It provides functionality for adding, updating, retrieving, and resetting user scores, as well as managing multiple leader boards.



Adds or updates a user's score on the leader board.
params: An object containing:
  • value (Number): The score value to be added.
  • boardName (String, optional): The name of the leader board, default is "default".
  • maxCount (Number, optional): The maximum number of entries on the board, default is 10, max is 25
  • fields (Object, optional): Additional fields for the user's entry.
You can use "fields" for extra any values. This fields can be used later by you.


Retrieves a leader board by its name.
  • boardName (String, optional): The name of the leader board, default is "default".
  • An array of entries on the leader board.
  • each record it is:
// user data:
tgId: user.telegramid,
first_name: user.first_name,
last_name: user.last_name,
username: user.username,
language_code: user.language_code,
// current value
value: curValue
// your passed fields:
fields: { }


Resets the leader board, removing all entries.
  • boardName (String, optional): The name of the leader board, default is "default".

Usage Examples

in /gameOver command:

// we add +5 to Score
let userScore = User.getProperty("score") || 0;
userScore = userScore + 5;
// Adding points to a user
value: 5
// boardName: "Game" // you can pass boar name

in /top command:

// Retrieving the leaderboard
let leaderboard = TopBoardLib.getBoard();
let leaderboardText = "The leaderboard is currently empty.";
// Check if the leaderboard is not empty
if (leaderboard.length > 0) {
// Create a string to represent the leaderboard
leaderboardText = "🏆 Leaderboard 🏆\n\n";
leaderboard.forEach((entry, index) => {
leaderboardText += `${index + 1}. ${entry.tgId}: ${entry.value} points\n`;
// Send the leaderboard
Api.sendMessage({ text: leaderboardText });
You also can pass another user data to TopBoardLib.addScore method
// another user:
let another_user = { id: ID, telegramid: tgId, first_name: "Smith" }
another_user.value = 10;
// update leaders board
// another user score will be +10:

Other methods

getUserPropName(boardName) - this method return prop name for storing user's score. You can use it to prevent duplicate information. For example, if you have a user balance, then you can store it with this property name