Always running commands

Sometimes code execution is always required.

Master command

This command executed only when there are no others commands or on updates for Telegram bot.
Just use * in command name.
Please see all updates list here​
Command *
// you can track any message here
Bot.sendMessage("Sorry, bot don't have this command: " + message);
// you can see all updated data by:
// Bot.inspect(request);
// user edited message
Bot.sendMessage("Text edited to:" + request.new_text);
// Please note:
// we have request.new_text not request.text here
// for backward compatibility
// request.text will be nil!
// chat title changed
Bot.sendMessage("New chat title is:" + request.new_chat_title);
// another possible updates in:

BeforeAll and AfterAll commands

Code of this commands executed always before (and after) all others commands codes.
Example. You need add important alert in all commands. You can create only one BeforeAll command with code Bot.sendMessage("Important alert")
For BeforeAll command use @ in command name
For AfterAll command use @@ in command name
Please note. Only BJS for BeforeAll and AfterAll commands runned. No any answer and keyboard here.
You can share functions, variables and etc with BeforeAll and AfterAll commands. It is effective for common code parts.
// code for @ BeforeAll command
function myName(){
return "Peter"
// code for /test command
myName() // result will be "Peter"
// myName is defined in BeforeAll command
Please note. If you need *, @, @@ as command names you can use it in aliases

Return methods.

return in BeforeAll command works also for all commands
If you have return in any command AfterAll commands do not executed

Example: Making ban system with BeforeAll command

In command BeforeAll: with @ name
badUsers = Bot.getProperty("badUsers", { list: {} })
Bot.sendMessage("You are blocked!");
return // this is worked for all command
// because it is in BeforeAll command
In command /block:
tgID = 1111111; // any tgID for ban. You can pass it via message with wait for reply
badUsers = Bot.getProperty("badUsers", { list: {} });
badUsers.list[tgID] = true;
// for unban:
// badUsers.list[tgID] = false;
Bot.setProperty("badUsers", badUsers, "json");
Bot.sendMessage("User with TG id: " + tgID + " banned");
// You can also use hard block
// It is save your iterations:
// Bot.blockChat(;
// But with this BeforeAll will be also not working