Libs development

You can create own Lib. Now it is possible create lib only with Git importing.
Official Bots.Business repository available here​
You can store common code in the library.
See libraries in the Library Store. You can copy any free library and modify it.


For example: code in file libs\myLib.js:
function hello(){
Bot.sendMessage("Hello from lib!")
function goodbye(name){
Bot.sendMessage("Goodbye, " + name)
sayHello: hello,
sayGoodbyeTo: goodbye
then you can use Lib in any bot's command:

Commands capturing

It is possible to capture command with lib.
For example:
  • user type "Hi"
  • bot answer "Hello"
function onHiCommand(){
on('Hi', onHiCommand );
Master command "*" - for capture any text from user with lib
function onMasterCommand(){
/// input your code here
on('*', onMasterCommand );
You can use all BJS functions in the Libs

Using HTTP

Lib can perform web requests. For example: get page from and send its content to user.
libPrefix = "myLib"
function load(){
HTTP.get( {
url: "",
success: libPrefix + 'onLoading '
// headers: headers - if you need headers
} )
function onLoading(){
on(libPrefix + 'onLoading', onLoading );
on Bot command:
See more​