Libs development
You can create own Lib. Now it is possible create lib only with Git importing.
Official Bots.Business repository available here
You can store common code in the library.
See libraries in the Library Store. You can copy any free library and modify it.


For example: code in file libs\myLib.js:
function hello(){
Bot.sendMessage("Hello from lib!")
function goodbye(name){
Bot.sendMessage("Goodbye, " + name)
sayHello: hello,
sayGoodbyeTo: goodbye
then you can use Lib in any bot's command:

Commands capturing

It is possible to capture command with lib.
For example:
  • user type "Hi"
  • bot answer "Hello"
function onHiCommand(){
on('Hi', onHiCommand );
Master command "*" - for capture any text from user with lib
function onMasterCommand(){
/// input your code here
on('*', onMasterCommand );
You can use all BJS functions in the Libs

Using HTTP

Lib can perform web requests. For example: get page from and send its content to user.
libPrefix = "myLib"
function load(){
HTTP.get( {
url: "",
success: libPrefix + 'onLoading '
// headers: headers - if you need headers
} )
function onLoading(){
on(libPrefix + 'onLoading', onLoading );
on Bot command:
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