Auto Retry (AR)

Command can be run periodically. For example:
Auto Retry spent 1 iteration on each run. Thus, if you put AR for once a minute (60 secs), it will be 1440 iterations per day.
So it is need set auto retry time:
  • for 10 minutes: 60*10 = 600 secs
  • for 1 hour: 60*60 = 3600 secs
  • for 24 hours: 60*60*24 = 86400 secs.
  • for 1 year: 86400 * 365 = 24966000 secs

Modify Auto Retry in app on command editing:

Auto retry time can be modified on command editing
Auto retry works only with BJS. There are now Variables: chat, user, request.

Handled only on BJS!

Because Auto Retry initialized by automatic there are no current chat, user and request.
So we can not use:
Bot.sendMessage("Hello"); //not works with Auto Retry
Why? Bot do not know chat for sending message! No current chat.
So it is need define chat:
Bot.sendMessage({text: "Hello", chat_id: YOUR_CHAT_ID});

How I can know chat id?

Create simple command (without Aoto Retry): /chat with BJS:
And run it on that chat where you need Auto Retry later. This command return YOUR_CHAT_ID
Fill it in previous command with Auto Retry.
You can use Bot.getProperty and Bot.setProperty. So you can save chat_id in one command and then get it on Auto Retry command
You can not use User.getProperty and User.setProperty.
No user on Auto Retry!