Iterations. How to reduce theys?

All iterations on Bots.Business are paid. You can choose payment plan with different iterations count.

What it is - "iteration"?

Each payment plan has its own iteration limit.

1 iteration it is:

  • income message to bot

  • Bot.runCommand(command) or in the BJS spend 1 iteration

  • Pressing the keyboard button

  • Pressing the inline keyboard button

  • 1 Auto Retry - it is 1 iteration

  • 1 received webhook - it is 1 iteration

  • 5 chats in Bot.runAll command - 1 iteration

  • 5 sended message on mass broadcasting - 1 iteration

  • 5 chats on Information refreshing (in Bot dashboard) - spend 1 iteration

  • 100 incoming messages in blocked chat with method Bot.blockChat(

5 iterations it is:

Single command execution - 1 iteration

Iterations are restored every month. Each payment plan has its own iteration limit.

Extra Points

  • If you do not have enough iterations, Extra Points are spent.

  • Unused Extra Points remain for the next month.

  • You can get Extra Points for 💎 BB Points or buy them.

How to reduce iterations count?

Reduce income messages to bot:

  • remove it from super groups

  • remove un useful commands

Reduce Bot.runCommand in BJS

Reduce Auto Retry calls

How to get more iterations?

You can upgrade your Plan.