Api functions

Api functions it all functions from https://core.telegram.org/bots/api
You can use it with BJS.

Example 1. Send audio to current chat

audio: "https://www.bensound.org/bensound-music/bensound-funnysong.mp3"
send audio to other chat:
chat_id: 5515411,
audio: "https://www.bensound.org/bensound-music/bensound-funnysong.mp3"
You can pass allowed parameters. For example for sendAudio it can be title and disable_notification
audio: "https://www.bensound.org/bensound-music/bensound-funnysong.mp3"
title: "test audio",
disable_notification: true

Example 2. Send photo with inline keyboard

// see all parameters in https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#sendphoto
photo: "https://cataas.com/cat", // it is picture!
caption: "Test photo",
reply_markup: { inline_keyboard: [
// line 1
// open the link on button pressing
{ text: "button1", url: "http://example.com" },
// run command /onButton2 on button pressing
{ text: "button2", callback_data: "/onButton2" }
// line 2
// see all params in
// https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#inlinekeyboardbutton
{ text: "button3", callback_data: "/onButton3" }

Get methods

You can call Api get methods (and others methods too). Need pass on_result key.
For example get all user's profile photos:

Command /get

user_id: user.telegramid,
// this command will be executed after getting photos
on_result: "onGetProfilePhotos"

Command onGetProfilePhotos

// you can inspect result:
// Bot.inspect(options)
return Bot.sendMessage("Error!");
return Bot.sendMessage("You have no photos in profile")
let photos = options.result.photos;
for(let i in photos){
Api.sendPhoto( { photo: photos[i][0].file_id } );

Error handling

It is possible to capture error with on_error param
audio: "https://www.bensound.org/bensound-music/bensound-funnysong.mp3",
on_error: "/on_error"
In command on_error:
Bot.sendMessage("We have error with sending audio");