Create bot from Google Table

Do you have any Google Table? You can create Bot from it!

You need the list with commands. See demo table here.

You can make copy from this table (File->Copy in Google Table) or copy list to your own table. (Ctrl+C and Ctrl + V)

See demo bot from this Demo Table

How to do import from table?

Publish list (prefer to use computer) with commands in the web as CSV file:

What it is: command, answer, aliases...?

See here

How do I import a commands?

  • Open a copied table file in Sheets in browser. (Prefer to use computer)

  • At the top, click File and then Publish to the web.

  • Choose "List1" and "File CSV"

  • Press buton "Publish"

  • Copy your table link - CSV url

Paste Token and CSV url in app.

  • Create new bot in app

  • Paste Token and CSV url (in Advanced fields)

  • Create and make upload!

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