SmartBot is an advanced class designed for bot developers. It simplifies handling user inputs, managing language translations, and structuring bot commands in a user-friendly way.

The class embodies the principles of Bot Smart Architecture, which focuses on logic isolation, multi-language support, and simplicity.

Key Principles of Smart Architecture

  1. Logic Isolation from Content: Separates the logic of your bot from its content.

  2. Multi-Language Support: Defaulting to English, but easily adaptable for other languages.

  3. Unified Command Structure: Use single commands with multiple translations rather than language-specific commands.

  4. Externalized Text Management: All texts, especially translatable ones, are kept outside the command code in language files.

  5. Language-Based Elements: Elements like answers, aliases, and keyboards are defined in language files, not in the command.

  6. Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS): One message per command and clarity in command naming.

  7. Command Naming Rules: Clear and meaningful names for commands.

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